Simple. Natural. Inspired by our Ancestors.


Dérive Botanicals was founded with a mission to heal & nourish skin in a simple and natural way. We are inspired by our local and global ancestors, and their sacred knowledge of the healing power of plants. Our products gain all of their effectiveness from unique botanicals with a spectrum of skin health benefits.

Just like eating quality fruits and vegetables provides nourishment for good health, our botanical creations provide plant-based nutrients which result in healthy, radiant skin. We believe that your skin deserves the highest quality organic and natural nutrients, and believe that keeping those nutrients in their closest natural state is best for your skin, your health, and for the planet.

We understand too, that there is a great diversity of skin types and that no one product can help everyone. We believe that keeping our products as simple as possible is best so that individuals can be empowered to pick what is best for their skin at a particular time. Not only is there a diversity of skin types, but the skin needs different nourishment at different times. We want our botanicals to nurture the skin throughout all of its different stages. 

Our products are vegan, non-gmo, non-toxic, cruelty-free, 100% natural and come from certified organic or wildharvested plant material. Simple has always been in style, and when it comes to ingredients, less definitely is more. So go ahead, give your skin what it craves, and nothing else.