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cleansing + purifying + refreshing + mild fresh herbal scent

P U R I F Y 

our tea tree purifying toner is a ph-balancing, non-comedogenic, and healing toner. help cleanse, heal and prevent acne prone skin with tea tree's highly antibacterial properties. 

useful for: cleansing + acne prone skin + fungal infections on skin and nails + underarms 

T H E   P L A N T

the tea tree plant is native to australia and has been used for millennia to heal and purify, and is know for its highly antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties 

T H E   R I T U A L  

direct application method: spray directly on face and other affected areas and allow to dry.  

emulsification method: with cleansed hands, put 2 drops of a carrier oil, such as our wildharvested camellia seed cleansing oil in your palm and spray 3 sprays of our tea tree purifying toner, and rub oil and spray together in your palm, warming the mixture and then gently work the emulsion into skin.

(for external use only)

U S E 

  • to help cleanse, heal and prevent acne and breakouts
  • to help fight fungal infections on nails and skin 


  • harsh and toxic acne medication
  • harsh and synthetic cleansers
  • synthetic anti-fungal creams and medication 

I N G R E D I E N T S 

distilled water, organic tea tree (melaleluca alternifolia), radish root ferment (leucidal)*

*ECOcert certified probiotic preservative derived from bacteria used to ferment kimchee

100% natural. vegan. cruelty-free.