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cleansing + soothing + firming + refreshing + mild sweet scent 

S O O T H E 

our witch hazel and ylang ylang soothing toner is 100% natural, ph-balancing, and non-comedogenic. witch hazel is astringent, shrinking your pores, which helps provide soft, smooth skin, and to control oil levels. ylang ylang is soothing and moisturizing, leaving your skin refreshed and nourished.

useful for: acne prone skin + oily skin + normal skin + post-shave irritation for him & her + rashes + cleaning away excess oil + post makeup cleansing + toning and firming skin 

T H E   P L A N T S

witch hazel has been used for millennia by native americans to treat inflammation and skin irritations. our organic witch hazel has been steam distilled from both the bark and the leaves of the plant, with no alcohol, to provide maximum therapeutic benefits. ylang ylang is a flowering tropical tree that is native to indonesia and is prized as an aphrodisiac and skin soothing flower throughout the south pacific. 

T H E   R I T U A L 

direct application method: spray directly on face and other affected areas and allow to dry.  

emulsion method: with cleansed hands, put 2 drops of a facial or carrier oil in your palm and 3 sprays of witch hazel and ylang ylang soothing toner, and rub the oil and toner together, warming the mixture, and gently work the emulsion into skin. 

(for external use only)

U S E 

  • after removing makeup, spray on face and wipe away with muslin cloth to remove excess makeup and other impurities. 
  • before applying makeup spray on face to control oil levels and shrink pores, allow to dry.
  • for him and her, spray on skin after shaving to help stop bleeding, soothe redness and prevent irritation.  
  • throughout the day to control oily skin, and help prevent acne, without drying out skin.
  • on allergic reactions and rashes.
  • to cleanse excess oil, use the emulsification listed above with our wildcrafted camellia oil. apply emulsion nightly to remove excess oil.  

R E P L A C E 

  • alcohol extracted witch hazel 
  • synthetic and alcohol based aftershave 
  • harsh and toxic acne medications 
  • synthetic moisturizers 
  • harsh and synthetic rash + allergy creams


distilled water, organic witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana), ylang ylang (cananga odorata), radish root ferment (leucidal)*

*ECOcert certified probiotic freshness agent derived from bacteria used to ferment kimchee

100% natural. vegan. cruelty-free.

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